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Gourmet BBQ Sauce Recipe

A delicious BBQ sauce is the perfect partner to BBQ’d meat. How do you like your bbq sauce? Southern style? Texas inspired? Thai flavoured? Or with a touch of tequila? There are so many options to discover, whether it’s smoky aromas, or with lots of molasses, sweet, spicy, tangy, bold or subtle. Luckily the Victorian … Continued

Glossary of Dietary Requirements For Catering

Dietary Restrictions Vegan: A person who does not consume any items derived from animals. Includes, eggs, dairy, honey, stock made from beef base. Ovo-Vegetarian:  Almost a vegan. But they still eat eggs. Ovo-Vegetarian eat mostly plants and no meat, fish or dairy products. Pescetarians – Does not eat meat. Eats a vegetarian diet but they also … Continued

Food Handling Hygiene Tips For Entertaining and Events

You want your BBQ or Roast event to be remembered for all the right reasons so avoiding food contamination is crucial. Food Hygiene is important from go to whoa, from appetizers to desert, from breakfast to dinner, during preparation and cooking, and concerns your cooking equipment, bench tops, utensils such as pans, knives and stirring … Continued

How To Prevent Food Poisoning At Your Party

Do you think that ‘Food Safety’ is just for commercial food handlers and germ and hygiene freaks? Or does the idea of preparing food and hosting an event make you break out into a sweat at the thought of a food poisoning fiasco with your family and friends? Food Safety and hygiene for entertaining and … Continued

4 Reasons to Hire a Caterer for Your Birthday Bash

1. Save Time and Money Without a caterer to handle food prep, serving and clean up, you would have to worry about finding the freshest food, storing it, preparing it and serving it all throughout the evening. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Catering companies have all of the necessary knowledge, experience, food suppliers, … Continued

4 Advantages of Hiring Wait Staff for an Event

When you plan an event, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate conference, you have a lot to consider. You have to arrange for a venue, decorations and refreshments. As the event gets closer, you may start to look for any way to take a little of the burden off your back. Unfortunately, many amateur … Continued

Should You Choose Finger Foods for your Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding, you already have a million and one items on your to-do list. From finding the perfect outfit to mailing your guest list, the endless tasks make you feel constantly stressed as the wedding date draws closer. Fortunately, when it comes to food, a catering company can reduce your wedding-related stress … Continued

Should You Cater Fundraisers and Other Public Events?

Your company could use some good press and community appreciation, so you’ve decided to host a public event of some kind. That public event could involve a once-in-a-lifetime sale, or it could feature a live band and free handouts to turn it into a party. Or you may host a fundraiser or charity event to … Continued

8 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Event for Rain

Outdoor events offer quite a few benefits. You can have beautiful scenic backdrops even if you don’t put up many decorations. You also never have to worry about an event feeling too claustrophobic or stuffy. However, outdoor events also come with unpredictability—specifically regarding the weather. You can’t always predict when bad weather will strike, especially … Continued

Use These 4 Tips to Create a Successful Product Launch Event

Do you have a new product you want to introduce to the world? A proper launch event will give you extra publicity and marketing opportunities to ensure its success. You will also have the chance to rub shoulders with important people within the industry and make connections that further promote your revolutionary idea. Of course, … Continued