How To Open Your Own Catering Business In Three Easy Steps

Do you enjoy cooking up a storm and hosting dinner parties for your friends and family? Are you the go-to person when your family and friends need someone to do a lamb spit roast events and holidays?

Why not cash in that passion for cooking by starting a lunch catering business? There is no surefire blueprint recipe for starting and running a successful catering service business. But a dash of culinary skills, determination, and grace under the lamb spit roast fire will go a long way.

You are probably thinking, how hard can it be to start your lamb spit roast catering business? Well, unfortunately, it is much harder than you think. So, we have created a checklist for you to ensure you get off to the right start;

1) Construct A Business Plan

A feasible business plan is one of the first and more important things to starting your lamb spit roast catering company. It should include the following;

  • The type of business entity your company will be. Either a sole proprietorship, general partnership, or possibly a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • A food business concept. Do you want to be a fast-food restaurant? A restaurant and bar that is full-service (FSRB) or maybe a food truck?
  • Your name, logo, and marketing. How will you craft a brand your clientele can easily recognise?
  • Your target market. What kind of clientele will be attracted to your business based on your concept and price point?
  • Select an ideal location. If you have not chosen a place for your business, what type of neighbourhood will offer the best chance at a sustainable market share? Also, what type of competition are you likely to face in a given area?
  • Your budget for all expenses, such as inventory, larbour, rent, and utilities, including your menu and price range. Which dishes will be the highlight of your menu, and what prices will your meals to make some profits?
  • Your business structure. How many employees will you afford to start with, and how you will break them down into management, front-of-house, and back-of-house?

In the early stages of planning, there are just some of the few questions you will need to ask yourself when constructing a business plan.

2) Acquire Your Equipment

One of the most significant start-up expenses is restaurant equipment. Without proper equipment, you cannot open your lamb spit roast business. Thus, you will need to either buy or rent everything from ovens to flatware.

3) Obtain Licenses And Permits

You might be shocked when you realise what is needed to be compliant with applicable health and safety codes, including other food service regulations. When it comes to licenses and permits to operate, the food industry is stringent as you are dealing with products consumed by people.

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