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How the Weather Can Dictate Menu Options

Weather in Melbourne is always an interesting factor to deal with. It also plays an important role in the organising of a function, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the catering menu. Melbourne function organisers cannot even begin to consider ignoring the weather in organising their function menu, and doing so can result … Continued

How To Organise A Function

Organising corporate functions in Melbourne can be an enormous job. Not only is there a space to secure and the right guests to invite, but you also need to think about the food you will serve to your guests. In the world of corporate functions, getting everything just right is a matter of professional reputation, … Continued

Considerations For Your Functions Toward Guest Needs

Organising successful Melbourne functions is really all about catering for your guests needs. Considering those needs well in advance and planning for them accordingly is really what separates good functions from bad ones. While the venue is important, and having a clear style to all your Melbourne functions is key, really the biggest area for … Continued

Why Corporate And Large Events Love Spit Roast Catering

Why Corporate And Large Events Love Spit Roast Catering For those planning on feeding a crowd at a corporate event or other large gathering, sourcing catering that delivers on quality and budget is always a challenge. When it comes to catering Melbourne event organisers in the know understand that a spit roast can offer the … Continued

Victorian Golden Roast’s Wedding Catering A Smart Choice

Victorian Golden Roast’s Wedding Catering A Smart Choice Wedding catering is always a big thing to organise, with couples often agonising over their food choices. One of the most pressing concerns around wedding catering is how couples can get the most value from their wedding catering choice, while also satisfying their guests. That’s where Victorian … Continued

Why Choose Victorian Golden Roast For Your Event Catering

1. Victorian Golden Roast Have Popular Spit Roast Menus Spit roast is a great option for feeding a large group of people, and at Victorian Golden Roast the catering options include a number of popular spit roast menus. When it comes to spit roast Melbourne knows what they like, and Victorian Golden Roast always delivers … Continued

Gourmet BBQ Sauce Recipe

A delicious BBQ sauce is the perfect partner to BBQ’d meat. How do you like your bbq sauce? Southern style? Texas inspired? Thai flavoured? Or with a touch of tequila? There are so many options to discover, whether it’s smoky aromas, or with lots of molasses, sweet, spicy, tangy, bold or subtle. Luckily the Victorian … Continued

Glossary of Dietary Requirements For Catering

Dietary Restrictions Vegan: A person who does not consume any items derived from animals. Includes, eggs, dairy, honey, stock made from beef base. Ovo-Vegetarian:  Almost a vegan. But they still eat eggs. Ovo-Vegetarian eat mostly plants and no meat, fish or dairy products. Pescetarians – Does not eat meat. Eats a vegetarian diet but they also … Continued